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Auditor needed in Fairfax, VA

 A small CPA firm in Fairfax is looking for an auditor with a couple of years of public or just some general accounting and tax experience.
Should be a CPA or be able to sit for the exam, with a degree and 150 hours. No SOX work and no SOX experience required.

The firm has great client base, very friendly and supportive managers and 5 partners.
They offer flexible schedules, and even though we work 11 Saturdays during tax season, we get 11 or 12 Fridays off in the summer.
Christmas bonuses and yearly raises are there as well.
The salary range they are willing to pay is between $57,00-67,000, depending on experience.
Looking for a young person has energy and desire to grow with the firm, great career opportunities will open up in the near future.

I you know someone who is interested, please have them forward their resume to acya @ acya . net

Thank you!

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