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Good Technology Is Nice; A Good Idea Is Better

Hi everyone, just thought I'd share interesting business articles with you guys. :)

Internet Marketing Articles

internet marketing strategies, marketing plan, technology

It has never been easier to start an Internet company. Create a Web site, begin a "viral" marketing campaign to grow word-of-mouth and acquire an audience, garner some ad revenues, generate venture capital funding and sell out to a Web giant such as Yahoo! or Google. Startup costs can be minimized by using standard technology and by outsourcing corporate functions, such as advertising sales. The business model, at least initially, is optional.

This blueprint is becoming increasingly common among so-called "Web 2.0" companies--Web-based communities that facilitate collaboration and sharing. Companies like Facebook, the fast-growing social networking site, and Twitter, a popular mobile messaging service, didn't introduce breakthrough technologies, but they have become phenomenal success stories nonetheless.

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