Brad Hopkins (evil_admiral) wrote in business_major,
Brad Hopkins

Odd correlation

I have a question here. I'm doing a Finance MS right now, and I did my program orientation last week with a batch of MBA students. As an ice-breaker we were asked to give our name, where we worked, what other degree(s) we already had, and what we would have on a no-rules vanity license plate.

Now the majority of the people in the group (there were maybe a dozen of us who weren't MBAs) either had a little something relating to their families, or to football. I found that odd. Why is there such a seemingly high correlation between MBA students and football? Is there really a correlation, or was I just in too small a sample? Does the correlation really exist? If it does exist, then why? Are the personality types which are likely to enjoy sports also more likely to pursue a MBA, or is it a freak coincidence?
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